Current Review: Durst M35 Enlarger

Durst M35 Enlarger closeup

The flagship 35mm enlarger of the famous Italian company.

Seeing the M35 at the Spring 1999 fair brought back memories. The enlarger incorporates all the features envisioned by Gilbert Durst in his article on enlargers in the Modern Camera "DURST ENLARGER & COPY CAMERA GUIDE" published in 1957.

In the late 1950s I picked it out of a catalogue as my choice for a quality instrument. To my delight, I came across a used one in Montreal in 1971.   Seconds after seeing it, I made up my mind to purchase. The price was right and the instrument was in great shape. I still have it. The M35 has given me many hours of pleasure printing both B&W and colour prints over the years.   Its robust construction and auto-focus Componon lens combine to make sharp images a cinch. 

CODA. A check of the Durst web site in January 2004 identified that the M35 was manufactured from 1947 to 1966. Parts support was discontinued a decade later in 1976. 

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