Magic Lantern Show

LINDSAY LAMBERT of Ottawa, Ontario has presented magic lantern shows for many years now using an authentic magic lantern updated with a modern halogen bulb "since the railway frowns on passengers carrying tanks of dangerous gases on the train to generate the lime light illumination". Here you see "Professor" Lambert adjusting the illumination on his vintage projector prior to the show. Most of the slides used are original lantern slides including special animated slides, hand coloured slides and photographs.

With a background in theatre, "Professor" Lambert provided song and sound effects to accompany his show. His choice of slides gave the feel of the magic lantern shows of yesteryear while illustrating a history of the shows and their typical content and social messages -- all this with thumbnail histories of such diverse subjects as lighting, effect of bicycles and the auto on roads, rideau canal, and the train cars built to carry immigrants to the prairies.

I have picked a small selection of his slides to give you an idea of the breadth of his subject matter. If you have a change to see one of his shows, DON'T MISS IT! His patter, song, sound effects, and manipulation of the animated slides bring home the amazing thrill of the magic lantern shows of a century ago.

ABOUT THE IMAGES. Click on any image and in a few seconds you will see an enlarged view in a separate window. Close the smaller window to return to this page.

Please note that these images are the property of Lindsay Lambert who has kindly allowed us to display them. The images were captured from the screen during the slide show using a Nikon 990 digital camera and adjusted and sized in Photoshop.

  Bob Carter

My card, sir...

Magic Lantern

Business end.

History of light

Bob the Fireman

hand painted series

Personal transport

Sound Effects

Cheap Seats

to the West

An early animation



Animated Slide

Music Introduction

Mechanical monkey

early automobile

and a bus!

Ottawa Trolley

and inside...

Poor in London

and in Toronto

and working at home

Demon drink

Animation slide

in action

Another animation

see the mouse?

First Nation folk

High tech wigwam

Montreal Harbour

...and Ice Train

Steamship era

Animated windmill

A girl's dream


WWII pin-up

Vintage Good Night

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