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The Canadian Stereoscopic Collection (CSC) was established in 1990 by the Photographic Historical Society of Canada who fund and sustain the collection in partnership with Sheridan College who administer the library function. The CSC is one of the very few extensive collections of 3D resource material in the world, and the only one in Canada. The collection comprises information relating to all aspects of 3D past and present. Currently, the CSC has over 1,000 acquisitions, including books, magazines, folios, and other pertinent documentation. The CSC is not specifically a 3D photo image library.

With staff moves and retirements, Sheridan College reluctantly dropped its partnership on the CSC collection. After a few years in storage, this spring the collection was moved to Ryerson University in Toronto. Ryerson is expanding with major new facilities being constructed in the Yonge/Dundas area of downtown Toronto. Part of this expansion includes post graduate teachings in Photography including a program in collaboration with George Eastman House, Rochester New York.

About Ryerson University

Ryerson has been a fixture in dwntown Toronto for decades. In earlier years it was known as the Ryerson Institute of Technology, concentrating on practical courses and instruction at the college level. More recently Ryerson was granted University status and has been expanding rapidly to join the University of Toronto and York University as the third major educational institution on Ontario's capital city. It's new film theatre and auditorium was the venue for a number of movies during the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival. Today, a major new building is under construction at Bay and Dundas streets. Ryerson is well known for the calibre of work produced by its graduates which include a number of members of the PHSC

Stan White

Stan White is a retired professional photographer. He spent twenty-one years teaching post-secondary vocational photography as a Teaching Master at Sheridan when he established the Canadian Stereoscopic Collection. Stan has held an interest in 3D photography since the early 1950s. He is past chairman of the Photographic Society of America Stereo Division and past editor of Dimensions Three, the newsletter of the PSA - Stereo Division. He continues to guide the Canadian Stereoscopic Collection and its aquisition program. Stan's current interests include applications of historic photographic processes and production of stereo cards of St. George, Ontario and its environs for future documentary purposes. You can reach him by e-mail at

Donations of funds or appropriate items for the Canadian Stereoscopic Collection are gratefully accepted.

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