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Vol 22-1

  • Photography in Canada 1839-1841 Part Two
  • 200 Years Yonge - Celebrating the world's longest street
  • Then and Now - Recording changes in a small town
  • Interesting Items from Spring Fair
  • Eastman House Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop

Vol 22-2

  • Ralph Greehill remembered
  • PHSC Awards Program Announced
  • Bob Lansdale's Album of the Auction
  • Panoramic Stereo Rig
  • A Mystery within an Enigma
  • Looking at Small Things - 1680 style
  • Incident, over a cup of coffee
  • History of Photography

Vol 22-3

Vol 22-4

  • Henry Morgan Collection of Portraits
  • 50 Years Ago -- The Carsen Group
  • The Movie Machine Society
  • Rochester Optical Camera Donated to Society
  • The Painted Photograph (Book Review)
  • Fall Fair Highlights

Summary of Articles

  • Blue Bosom Boy in the Footsteps of Daguerre, Stanley J. White. Stan takes us through his experiences in creating a modern daguerreotype.
  • Centenary of Motion Pictures
  • Conserving Artifacts
  • Daguerreian Annual
  • 40 Years of Leica M, Robert A. Carter. Bob chats about the early days of Leitz and its famous M Series cameras.
  • Galardo & Miron Studios, Sudbury. In addition to this well illustrated article, The Mirons came down from Sudbury and gave a fabulous talk at one of our Toronto meetings complete with a huge print display and old family lens and cameras. It is fantastic to see such an interest in the history of Canadian industry. Mrs. Miron's grandfather was the founder of the studio in the days when Sudbury was less civilized, as Mrs. Miron so aptly explains during her talk.
  • Jimmy Esson 1853-193?Stanley J. White 19th century photographer from Preston (Cambridge), Ontario honoured for his services.
  • Lumiere Press Michael Torosian's amazing limited edition press.
  • Movie Machine Society, Larry Boccioletti. Larry shares his visit to Hollywood and the 6th annual meeting of the MMS.
  • PHSC Fall Fair 1995, Robert Lansdale. A photo feature of some goodies discovered at our last fall fair.
  • Rare 1901 color plates brought to Canada, Everett Roseborough. Our editor discusses the rare interference colour process which preceded the popularity of screen plates and three colour photography.
  • Restoring Victorian Photo Albums
  • Revenue Stamps, Stanley J. White. For two years in the 1860s the US taxed small luxury items. Stan tells us all about it.
  • Rogue's Gallery
  • Upper Canada Village Reference Library and Collection, Jack Schecter. A fine article on this little known resource centre near Morrisburg, Ontario by its archivist.
  • Walter Curtin, RCA, Everett Roseborough. Fleeing war-torn Europe was his first step in the enrichment of Arts photojournalism in Canada.
  • Zeiss Historica Meeting, Robert Lansdale. Pictures from the first annual ZHS meeting held in Toronto since its founding here.


c 1841-3 Portrait. McCord Museum

Photography in Canada 1839 - 1841

Graham W. Garrett
Issues 21/5 and 22/1

The author is a dedicated researcher in Canadian photographic history. During his extensive travels he has amassed an enviable databank on Daguerreotypes. Mr. Garrett, a former book dealer, is currently engaged in art evaluation. He was the key note speaker at the society's twentieth anniversary supper.

In this two part article, Mr. Garrett carefully traces the earliest days of photography in Canada. His article includes extensive notes -- some 66 in all. The image at the left is that of Helena Burroughs, who fell ill and died at the tender age of seventeen. The image is in a private collection and appears in the article courtesy of the McCord Museum, Notman Collection in Montreal. It is thought to be "the earliest identified daguerreotype portrait that has yet turned up to date in Canada".

m e n u

Eastman House Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop

Stanley J. White
Issue 22/1

Stan White is an active stereo photographer. He recently retired from a teaching position with Sheridan College, Oakville. In the past year, Stan has experimented with the early processes. In this article, he chats about his experiences learning the 1850s Collodion process.

This image of Stan is from an Ambrotype he created in the workshop. He suggests "this picture [is] most useful when applying for senior-citizen discounts, not too many people will argue your age when your photograph is an ambrotype"!

The article takes us step by step through Mr. White's experiences as a modern wet-plate man. The old photographers gain respect when we walk in their shoes by using vintage processes. Such a delicate and deadly method of photography!

m e n u

Stan White - Ambrotype
Krasnogorsk Modification

Panoramic Stereo Rig

Stanley J. White
Issue 22/2

This article has Stan White in his metier--- making unusual stereo images. Stan decided to begin recording small town Ontario street scenes in stereo. To acomplish this, he acquired a 1950s Russian panoramic camera, the Krasnogorsk FT2. Finding the use of one camera and a slide bar very limiting, Stan jumped at the chance to pick up a second Krasnogorsk after the Spring auction.

Stan explains "these cameras are built like don't have to be a camera repairman [to clean and adjust them]". The result is a series of panoramic stereo images. Panoramic stereo you say? Sure. Read the article to learn Stan's secret....

m e n u

History of Photography

Summer 1996 Canadian Photography Issue
Everett Roseborough
Issue 22/2

This fine publication began life in January 1977. It is dedicated to scholarly articles world-wide on the history of photography. Volume 20, No. 2 is especially gratifying since it is devoted to Canadian photography, edited by Joan Schwartz from the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, and includes articles by three members of our society. Click on the title or image to see more information on this special issue.

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History of Photography
Brodie's Machine

Brodie and his Wonderful Machine (an unusual rear projector)

Everett Roseborough
Issue 22/3

Brodie Whitelaw was one of Canada's great commercial photographers and a contemporary of Ev Roseborough. In this article, Ev covers Brodie's career, and at the same time gives an insight into the growth of commercial photography in Canada. Late in his career, Brodie spent a dozen years in a labour of love on his ultimate tool for commercial studio shots... a rear projector with incredible light power. I had an opportunity to see the instrument in Ev's studio earlier this year -- You can see it too at the fall fair this October. Before Brodie completed the projector to his satisfaction, technology had moved on with front projection and beam splitters, and more recently, computerized image retouching.

m e n u

The Contributions of Edward W. Weston and his company

Everett Roseborough
Issue 22/3

My first good meter was a Weston Master III, bought after considerable discussion of competing brands. It was a decision I never regretted as the meter served me well for over 10 years. As Ev tells this tale, he started out attempting to obtain permission to reprint the original 1938 paper on Weston Emulsion Speed Ratings by W.N. Goodwin, Jr. His search took him across North America and into numerous offices. Along the way, Ev collected enough material to piece together this story about one of the most famous lines of exposure meters and the man behind the name Weston. Oh yes, and he did get permission to reproduce the 1938 article which is included in this issue!

m e n u

Weston Meters
Silver Nitrate

Consider Silver -- facts about the key metal used in photography

Everett Roseborough
Issue 22/3

Serious darkroom work seems to be sliding into history. Many amateurs are satisfied to use Black's or Japan Camera. Meanwhile, the die hards have a selection of ready mixed chemistry from which to choose. It would appear that few roll their own these days. Those folk wishing to replicate years gone by and recreate the old processes will be familiar with silver nitrate.

For the rest of us, EV highlights the importance of silver and in particular silver nitrate to photography with this short biography of an amazing metal.

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